Merced Area Groundwater Pool Interests (MAGPI)

About Us

Merced Area Groundwater Pool Intrests (MAGPI) was formed in 1997 and tasked with developing technical data and management strategies to ensure the health of the groundwater basin.  Since its formation, MAGPI’s main focus has been on the implementation of the Merced Groundwater Management Plan, which promotes conjunctive surface water and groundwater management. MAGPI members consist of municipal and agricultural water purveyors operating in/around the County of Merced.

MAGPI Members

  • Black Rascal Water Company
  • Chowchilla Water District
  • City of Atwater
  • City of Livingston
  • City of Merced
  • County of Merced
  • East Merced Resources Conservation District
  • LeGrand Community Services District
  • LeGrand-Athlone Water District
  • Merced Irrigation District
  • Merquin County Water District
  • Planada Community Services District
  • Stevenson Water District
  • Turner Island Water District
  • Winton Water & Sanitary District