Groundwater Management Plan

On July 30, 2008, MAGPI adopted the Merced Groundwater Basin Groundwater Management Plan 2008 Update.

This groundwater management plan (GWMP) update replaces and supersedes the 1997 GWMP. It brings the GWMP into compliance by adding new components or updating existing components to address the legislative requirements of SB1938 and SB 1672.

The purpose of the GWMP is to identify and implement a series of actions using modern technology and sound science to preserve and increase the quantity of groundwater resources in the Basin over the next decade and protect groundwater resources for future generations. The GWMP is a living document, and progress in implementing the plan will be periodically reviewed with the current understanding of groundwater levels, quality, and trends.

The GWMP is a guideline for the community use and development of groundwater resources. However it is not intended to replace local General Plans or the CEQA planning process. The burden of supporting proposed project compatibilities with existing plans and regulations is fully borne by the lead agencies.

The Merced Groundwater Basin Groundwater Management Plan 2008 Update is comprised of the following Sections:

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